Kids (6-10)

CrossFit Templar Kids strives to create a foundation of fitness that helps kids move more confidently, efficiently and effectively in their bodies and sport.  Classes cover a broad range of skills incorporating body weight movements, plyometrics and gymnastics movements essential for everyday life at the playground and on the game field.


Examples of Skills Covered: Pull-ups, Air Squat, Rope Climb, Ring Dips & Holds, Push-ups, Running, Rowing, Jumping, Kettlebell Swings & Carries, Handstands, Wallclimbs, Sit-ups, Wallballs

Sample Class (30 minutes)
Warm Up: Obstacle Course
Skill: Pull-ups
WOD: Complete as many rounds in approximately 5-7 minutes as possible of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Air Squats
15 Jump Ropes
Game: Dodge Ball

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