RHS Girls Volleyball Summer Training 2017

Rosemount High School Girls Volleyball
Summer CrossFit Strength and Conditioning
Grades 8-12 (during the 2017/2018 school year)


RHS Summer Volleyball training is a core strength and conditioning program designed for the teenage athlete looking for an edge over the competition.  Classes will combine weightlifting, body weight movements, plyometrics, running, biking and rowing in a constantly varied, highly intense class.  The goal is to improve the individual athlete’s strength and endurance as well as the teams focus and perseverance.

June 13th-August 10th (No Classes July 4th & 7th)
Tuesdays 11:20AM-12:45PM
Thursdays 12:15PM-1:40PM

Cost & Registration:  $160 (16 sessions)
*When registering make sure to list your daughters name on the account, not parents.

So what can CrossFit Templar do for your volleyball player…

We can increase their Cardio Endurance (anaerobic).
How: Circuits, Tabatas, Jumping Rope, Biking, Rowing, Sprinting

We can increase their Power.swc-ashley
How: Box Jumps, Medicine Balls, Weightlifting

We can increase their Core Strength.
How: Ab Mats, Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells, Planks

We can increase their Vertical & Leg Strength.
How: Squats, Jumps, Deadlifts, Sleds

We can increase their Shoulder Strength.
How: Presses, Pull-ups, Push-up, Static Holds, Rows

Bottom line, we can create a volleyball player with unmatched explosive power, balance, speed, strength & coordination.  Our program will provide increased mental toughness, a sense of community and competitive engaging fitness that pushes the athlete and group to excel!

Gretchen Stramel