TWEEN Summer 2022

CrossFit Templar’s Tween Summer Program  will consist of intense strength and conditioning for motivated athletes ages 9-13.  The program is designed to build a solid base of strength, speed and agility, improved explosiveness, athleticism, and confidence.  Through basic barbell and kettlebell work, to body weight exercises and plyometrics, along with speed, agility & quickness drills, athletes will be well prepared physically and mentally for their next competitive season.

What Summers End Will Bring You:
*A FLEXIBLE, MOBILE, FUNCTIONAL body:  The foundation for injury resistance
*A STRONG BODY, with strength that’s USEFUL: You must be strong before you can be explosive
*QUICKNESS: Through improved neuromuscular coordination and motor patterning
*CONFIDENCE in yourself, your abilities & goals

SESSION: JUNE 13th-AUGUST 25th (no classes July 4th-7th): TWEEN 8:15AM-9:00AM, Monday and Wednesday



Please use NAME of kid/tween/teen to register.  Email & phone numbers can be parent/guardian.  There will be a place for parent/guardian to enter their information as part of the waiver and questionnaire.

If you have registered with us before you can use your existing account.

Email with questions

Coaches: CrossFit Templar is an accredited CrossFit Kids Affiliate.  All CrossFit Teens classes are taught by coaches with certifications as: CrossFit Coaches, CrossFit Kids Coaches, Olympic Weightlifting Coaches, as well as a variety of other certifications.  Please visit are coaches page for details.

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