CrossFit Templar Pre School is an opportunity for young kids to build movement patterns and confidence in their bodies.  Balance, coordination and direction following is the main focus of this class.  Kids learn foundational movements in a small group setting, helping to teach them the skill of listening and how to work well with their peers.


Examples of Skills Covered: Holds on the Rings, Bars and Ropes, Pushes, Pulls and Carries, Air Squats, Jumps, Running, Sit-ups, Forward Rolls, Wallclimbs

Sample Class (30 minutes)
Warm Up: Follow the Leader
Skill: Air Squat
WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in approximately 5 minutes of:
3 Air Squats
3 Tuck Jump Burpees
Run 20 meters
Hurdle Jumps
Run 20 meters
Game: Noodle Tag

Click Here for Schedule & Fees

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